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i'm a dumb teenager who draws dumb things mostly gravity falls lately wHOOPS,,, ,,

that's it
that's the game

if you send me puns/draw any of my characters i will love you forever ok <33333 ( if you wanna know more about some of my characters, there are some more detailed profiles on them here!… )

also i'm probably gonna start commissions up soon,, , ,,, yheah,,,,, soon,, ,, ,,,,

ART OF MY BABIES BY RLY RAD PPL!!!! (mostly thomas wallace lmao):

TW by OmegaMultiplayer by OmegaMultiplayer boops u by flowerf0x gift for professordelune by flowerf0x art trade 4 - professordelune by flowerf0x by flowerf0x had a HARD day at work by urging frilly things by urging foul mouthed meme by urging rev up those fingers cause i am sure thirsty by urging tw and i cuddlin by urging 2 many issues pal by quivershiver me sittin w tw by quivershiver ooooooooooooooooh boy by quivershiver by urging big robot, tiny android by pumpkinuffin by pumpkinuffin TW by Monochrome-Colors by Monochrome-Colors THEN WHO IS DRIVING THE PLANE by RandomInABoxx by RandomInABoxx


lmao i haven't been on here in like a month so i had a BUTT-TON of messages so if i didn't fav smth of urs it's b/c i don't have enough time to look through everything srry uvu;;
i got tagged by CommonToasterNarwhal les do this thing

10 facts about me:

1. im biromantic asexual (but im starting to think i might be straight up ace all around???)
2. my pronoun is they
3. i love cheese a lot. like. an unhealthy amount of cheese love here folks.
4. do not get me started on my ocs i will go on for approximately 12 years at least
5. i actually love reading a lot but it feels like i dont have as much time to anymore/theres nothing good to read ///sssighs
6. i know the lyrics to an unhealthy amount of songs from starkids
7. i actually rly like my govt class??? the teach is super fckin rad
8. im still in love w/ otgw, su, & gf
9. i only watch like. 2 animes. maybe 3
10. my back hurts basically all the time haha

questions i gotta answer:

1. What's your secret that you want to scream but never do?
 HOLY SHIT IM NOT A GIIIIIRRRRLLLLLLL i just rly need to be a sexless genderless entity tbh

2. What's the weirdest thing you've ever done?
 uh. when i was a kid i used to hang dolls around my room??? and build weird shit????????

3. What's your favorite time of day? 

4. What is/ are your goal(s)/ ambition(s)?
 go into character design/development somewhere cool

5. What's your favorite video game franchise?
 TOUGH, considering i only play like 2 franchises. im stuck btw paper mario & mysims (probably mysims i guess???)

6. What's your favorite song to listen to?
 dont do this to me i cant handle big decisions like this

7. Favorite childhood memory?
 sleepovers w/ my sis probably

8. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck duck?
 why would a wood chuck chuck duck

9. Least-favorite school subject?

10. Favorite social media?
 uh, probably da i guess?? insta is alright and tumblr used to be fun but it kinda sucks a lot now
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: su soundtrack stuff
  • Reading: the cronus chronicles (again)
  • Watching: my life spiral out of control

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